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Luxury Pens For a Perfect Gift

Luxury pens have their own place in the world of business. When it comes to promoting your company by means of such a proven and highly effective instrument as a pen, different options are possible. Options for any budget, any purpose and any target group.

When your goal is to distribute your branded pens to as many recipients as possible and to spread the awareness about your organization, it is wise to go for a cheaper variants, like simple plastic pens. Of course, they still should be high quality pens, and with the number of competing manufacturers is it quite possible to get nice quality at low cost. Sometimes it is great to choose novelty pens for your branding purposes, especially before Christmas and other holidays, when unusual gift will definitely uplift the mood of your recipients.

And in some cases it is highly recommended to order luxury pens, if you want to make a valuable gift for an important client, hardworking employee or loyal partner. Yes, if you decided to select such a high profile corporate gift, the principle of its work differs from cheap mass-produced promotional items: you should consider who you are going to give it to.

Definitely, you will not give it to a random visitor. It is a gift for a person you really want to express your appreciation, gratitude or recognition to. With an expensive designer pen, in silver or golden finishes, placed in an elegant box or pen-holder, you can reward a leader of your team. With luxury pens you can express your gratitude for the bulk order of the most important client of yours. Or you can send an exquisite fountain pen of famous brand as a birthday gift to your partner.

Well, fountains are not widely used these days, especially in hectic routine of business atmosphere, where you can hardly afford to spend a minute for nice calligraphy. But a designer fountain pen holds something more then just a practical purpose within, it has that charm of the pens from previous generations which makes a writing experience so pleasant and enjoyable. Besides, a beautiful pen box of luxury pens, decorated with metal incrustation, is a valuable gift by itself, even without a pen. These pens are not only writing devices, they are souvenirs, show pieces and things to treasure and be proud of.

Besides designer pens there is another type of pens which will be highly appreciated by everybody you will give them to. It is handmade pens. An exquisite and unique pen, made professionally and with a touch of elegance and creativity, will be definitely noticed and remembered. And if you put your logo and contacts on such a pen, the effect of uniqueness will be spread to the image of your company as well.

Speaking of image, luxury pens have always been an accessory of a successful, determined and respectable businessman. That is why it is such a popular and precious gift even today, when a person might be tempted to give an iPod or mobile phone as a present instead of classy designer pen.