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Five Types of Watches You Can Gift Men

When it comes to buying gifts, it is fairly easy when it comes to buying for women, there are plenty of options and you can hardly ever go wrong but when it comes to buying gifts for men, the options are irritatingly limited and you end up repeating things or just giving up.

It’s not like you can buy costume jewelry and just be done with it. As we think about the possible gifts, fashion blogs like these come to the rescue.

We all are tired of buying clothes, belts, wallets, their favorite teams merchandise or favorite superhero merchandise. Some of us might have bought watches but trust me you can do that again.

There is more than one type of watch that a man can own and should own and you can contribute some of them if you have a good budget for the gift. Here are the broad five categories from which you can choose

1. The Classic Leather Strap

This is the go-to style if you are gifting it someone who goes to a lot of formal events and black-tie occasions. This is the classic look with a brown or black plain leather strap, a light metal case and has a classic look. If it’s a black tie event opt for the more classic black band, a brown band is for a more casual feel, like a casual business thing.

2. Metal Love

These are heavier and have a large case with metal bands. This can be used casually as well as with formals. It can be understated or over the top depending on your budget and the brand attached to it. It depends on the person’s style and liking for heavy watches. They can have some bling on them, so be sure before you buy them, this is not you buying costume jewelry for yourself. Most men don’t like very flashy items.

3. Activity Specific

These are situation specific use, as the name suggests. So if your friend is an avid diver or hiker or sportsman or into any kind of adventure/outdoor activities, this will make him extremely happy. You can go for diver watches which can withstand underwater pressure, pilots use ones with bigger dials and numbers or some made from really strong bands and cases for hikers and the likes. These can be worn casually as well even if you are not doing all those things but nor finally. They are too bulky to be worn to formal events and look out-of-place.

4. Sport It

These are most casual and commonly used ones. They are available is a varied price range thus are the go to option if you are tight on budget. This is the variety that you wear anywhere you go as they are lightweight and can take a beating so you can wear them while working out or playing. The specific sports edition has features like a digital screen, lap times, compass etc, it has a nylon or rubber strap with a light-weight case and backlight to make it better during night. They can also be water-proof and can be easily cleaned due to the rubber strap.

5. Everyday Casual Watch

They go well with any casual wear. There are unisex versions as well, actually all watches in the man’s collection are being opted by women as well, they are sturdy and look great so if you are buying one for your partner, you can get ample use out of it as well. The more casual ones are cheaper which don’t have as much features and are suitable if the person is like a colleague or a common friend on whom you don’t want to spend too much and don’t want to look cheap either.


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Tips for Maintaining Your Pearl Jewelry

Durable and delicate at the same time, pearls are a beautiful and unique gemstone created by mollusks instead of the ground and their care is different than what you would expect for a gem. Here are five tips to help you ensure that your pearls are treasured for years to come.

Stay away from acids

If you have ever seen the grammar school science experiment involving an egg and vinegar, you’ll remember that the acid in the vinegar dissolved the shell and left a naked egg. That is because the egg shell is made of calcium. Your pearls are made of calcium carbonate too. That is why you want to avoid acids. When we think of acid, we usually picture something dangerous, however, we use acidic substances every day. In addition to vinegar, acids in our homes can include chlorine and citrus fruits. Our sweat also has an acidic pH which is why, “Pearls are the last thing you should put on and the first thing to take off,” is advice that has been handed down for generations. Avoid overnight wearing and always make sure to wipe the pearls off with a soft cloth before storing.

How to store your pearls

The best investment to store pearls is a soft cloth of silk, satin, or cotton. These can usually be found at your jewelers. Avoid storing your pearls in plastic as the chemicals released over time can destroy your pearls. You also want to store each of your pearl items individually. The nacre of pearls is hard, but in comparison to the metals and other gemstones in jewelry, it is quite soft and can be easily scratched. Do not store pearls in a dry space or safety deposit box – pearls need moisture. Of course, the best way to keep them hydrated is to wear them!

Be selective with certain pieces

Because pearls are a softer gem, you’ll want to make sure that you are limiting the use of rings and bracelets. Not only are you more likely to scratch a pearl ring or bracelet, you are also more likely to soil them. Save your rings and bracelets for special occasions. Earrings and necklaces are much better for daily wear, however, make sure that you are not wearing them when you apply makeup, hair products, or perfume.

Washing your pearls

Occasionally, you may need to wash your pearls. The best way to wash pearls is with a soft cotton cloth dampened with lukewarm distilled water. Tap water has chlorine which can damage your pearls. Gently rub the pearls until they are clean. If just water won’t clean them, you can use a natural soap as well. Stay away from steam, detergents and jewelry cleaners that do not specifically say they are safe for pearls. If the pearls are in a necklace, make sure not to pull or stretch the string in between, especially if they are not individually knotted. This can cause wear to the string and cause the strands to break. No one wants to crawl around searching for their pearls.


The best way to take care of your pearls is to make sure to check them at regular intervals. Make sure strands holding the pearls are still strong and supple. Make sure that pearls in settings are not loose. For stranded pearls, you should have them restrung by a jeweler every few years. Especially if you wear them a lot. Individually knotting them is more expensive but it pays off in the end. Having pearls on necklaces and bracelets individually knotted is more secure in case you do have a break. Better to lose one pearl than to lose all of them.

Pearls are organic and continue to change with time and they require a different type of maintenance from other jewelry. With the proper care, your pearls will maintain a high luster and be handed down generation to generation.


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How To Buy Genuine Sapphires Jewelry

Flexible and famous, sapphires are used as a part of numerous sorts of gems. Sapphire pendants, earrings, rings, wrist trinkets and blended jewel pieces are all available. They run exceptionally well with white gold and other light colored settings. Figure out how to recognize the best quality stones to guarantee you buy a genuine sapphire jewelry deserving of wearing.

Facts about Sapphires

Sapphires are really the single-precious stone type of aluminum oxide, otherwise called corundum. They are mined in Sri Lanka, Madagascar and Australia, and additionally a few countries in Africa and a few states in the United States.

Sapphires are hard stones. They are next in hardness to diamonds. Thus, they are prized for their toughness. Being quite solid, they require little care or exceptional consideration from the wearer. Tough and hearty, sapphire jewelry gives a lifetime of awesome quality.

Sapphire is the next hardest precious stone after the diamond, and it is additionally a standout amongst the most costly diamonds. At the point when buying sapphire, you ought to know how to assess the nature of the stone to guarantee that you get the top quality your money can purchase. You ought to likewise shop smart by knowing where and how to shop to abstain from getting ripped off.

Shop for Quality

Identify what tone of blue you wish for. Sapphires come in blues, with lightest being Sweden princess blue and the darkest being naval or dark. The most prized color is royal blue, which is amidst the scale. As the most prized, be that as it may, it is likewise the most costly. Camelot and commodore blue, which are one shade lighter and darker, individually, are comparable in tint however marginally more affordable.

Gaze at the lucidity/ Transparency of the stone. Transparency is regularly ignored when purchasing sapphires, yet the more Transparent a stone is; the more splendid it will look. Transparent stones can likewise be costly; however, Completely Transparent and semi- Transparent stones permit the most light to go through. Translucent sapphires permit light to go through, however obscure objects, making it a decent tradeoff between transparency quality and spending plan. Semi-opaque and opaque stones permit almost no light to go through.

Don’t be terrified of picking out a treated sapphire. Most sapphires are heat treated. Diamond setters heat sapphires in a broiler under high temperatures for a few hours, in this manner improving the color of the stones. Untreated stones that are free of considerations and have unrivaled color are uncommon and costly, but since heat treatment is so ordinary, a warmth treated sapphire can at present be important.

Shop Smart

Set a budget Plan. Know the amount you can stand to spend before experiencing passionate feelings for a sapphire out of your price range. Sapphires can go from $40 per karat to more than $11,000 per karat, with the most costly sapphire sold on record costing $136,000 per karat. The cost of a sapphire is resolved generally by quality, and a huge, low-quality sapphire can be a great deal less expensive than a little yet fantastic sapphire. For sapphires, color is top dog. The Cut has the greatest effect on a stone’s splendor (the amount of light that comes to the eye). Transparency and clarity are likewise critical in deciding worth.

Be conscious of potential fakes.Less trustworthy dealers may attempt to offer ignorant buyers a less expensive stone that looks like sapphire rather than a sapphire. Tanzanite, blue spinel, and blue tourmaline are among the stones that some may attempt to offer as being genuine sapphires.

Only work with highly regarded dealers. Popular stores are regularly a decent place to begin in light of the fact that their business practice is more intently investigated than those of personage stores. On the off chance that you do take a gander at the selection offered by local jewelers gem specialists and individual sellers, ensure that you solicit to see the official affirmation from any sapphire you consider purchasing. A real jeweler will have the capacity to present you with affirmation from the GIA or independent, official gemstone societies.

In conclusion, Great quality, well cared for sapphire gems can keep going for a lifetime. Buying the best quality sapphires you can bear the cost of can likewise be an investment in the future. Choose pieces that you adore, and make the most of their beauty for a considerable length of years to come.


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How To Buy Engagement Rings Online?

An engagement ring is regularly the most critical bit of adornments individuals purchase within their lifetime. In the event that you are on a tight spending plan, the possibility of picking a decent ring at a cost you can bear can be quite overwhelming. As long as you know what you’re doing, in any case, you can get a deal while still giving your spouse a ring they adore.

How to buy engagement ring starts by setting a financial plan (budget), and realize what you can bear within that financial plan (budget). Notify yourself about the Four Cs of precious stone (diamond) quality: which are cut, color, clarity, and carat. Shop with a trustworthy gem dealer who offers official accreditation.

Set a budget

Convention holds that an engagement ring may cost 1 or 2 months of your earning, however, many people choose to set a smaller spending plan or a bigger one if the relatives might be occupied with the better quality of a ring. At the point when looking for a wedding ring, don’t get wrapped up with this 2-month-salary misinformation. The engagement ring ought to be a representation of feelings, yet not the thing that makes you run into you owning money. Choose the amount you can bear before you begin shopping and add ΒΌ of this cost to the underlying figures. While picking the best you should be ready to twofold your financial plan for it. Be prepared for a crafty trap of a jewel seller to raise the cost as well.

Pick a shape

Round and princess cut precious stones are among the most well-known and most cheap shapes. Stick with one of these shapes in the event that you need to save cash or don’t have the foggiest idea about your spouse’s favorite. Else, you may as well consider an emerald, oval, pear, marquise, heart, or Asscher shape.

Know Their Size

Knowing your spouse’s ring size will save you shame and cash. A despicable sized ring can frequently be resized, yet this will probably cost extra.

Consider the color

The Precious stone color is an irregularity trademark and not considered a stunner trademark. In this manner, recall that colorless diamonds (D-F) will be a great deal more costly than a near-colorless counterpart (G-J). Save cash by selecting a color rating from G through K rather than requesting a colorless stone.

Compare and contrast ring prices online

This will let you locate the best deal at all time. Some famous shops can have their workplaces in your town and the online selling on the Internet also. The costs can be diverse in both cases, so please check it out.

Carry out an Internet search on “engagement rings”

Stick with trustworthy, affirmed dealers to keep yourself from getting ripped off.


Meet with your spouse’s close friend before selecting a ring. They may have info about inclinations that you don’t have. Try not to be stress regardless of whether you can purchase a huge, dazzling engagement ring. If you put in an effort to locate the best you can bear, a little stone can hold the same amount of centrality as an extroverted one.

For spouse that don’t mind having the secret exposed, consider asking them info about their inclinations.


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5 Popular Types of Rings

The types and styles of rings in the jewelry store are quite extensive, and can vary from those with a simple aesthetic function to those with a symbolic or social meaning. The signet, engagement and wedding ring are the most well-known, but there are still plenty of other popular choices. Here are five of the main types of rings:


The promise ring can have plenty of meanings, but it is best known as a warm up ring before the engagement ring is placed on the finger. It is worn before the couple is ready to get officially engaged. The preferred type of stone for this ring is a small diamond or gemstone. Also, the promise ring with its plain or small stone is a lot less expensive than an engagement, so it is a practical choice for the young couple with little money to spend on showing their commitment.


The championship ring is presented to the amateur or professional sports team in recognition of winning a specific tournament or league. This type of ring is appreciated for its ability to give a lifelong reminder of the past success in a person’s sporting career. Some of the most beautiful rings are made with a metal like zinc alloy and zirconia stones (similar in appearance to diamonds). In the professional sports leagues the championship rings that are the most famous include the World Series and Super Bowl.


The birthstone ring is usually simple in design with a birthstone that makes it possible to celebrate the birth of a loved one, family member, a friend or the wearer. A similar styled ring is the Mother’s ring which is designed to include multiple birthstones, and these can represent the birthdays of the wearers children, parents, or grandchildren.


The posy ring is often a gold band with a special inscription on the outer or inner surface. This option to include an inscription has been popular with the wedding bands and engagement rings. This type of ring was given its name because a lot of the early inscriptions were quite poetic in nature.


The eternity ring is usually a plain metal band that symbolizes eternity with a loved one. Also, the rings can include a row of stones like diamonds around half or the entire outer surface of the ring. Eternity rings are given by many in place of the engagement ring. There are several styles of eternity ring, including the half eternity, three-quarter eternity and full eternity.

Learn more about the custom championship rings for those interested in sports recognition.


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Diamond Earrings And How To Buy Them

download (1)Diamond earrings are elegant and sophisticated and the dream of every
woman. They make the perfect gifts too for anniversaries, birthdays, weddings and even Valentine’s Day and other celebrations. The stylish and classy earrings are valuable additions to any wardrobe and they can be worn in all kinds of occasions. These earrings come in different styles and you can find diamond cluster, diamond hoop and diamond studs. Diamond studs seem to be the most popular choice because of their classic beauty. The sparkling diamond makes them even more desirable.

Just like buying diamond and other diamond items, the 4 Cs of diamonds should apply when buying. It is however important to remember that the ears are at a further distance from finger, hence diamond earrings still appear very clean on earth, even though the same effect might not be achieved with the same stone on a ring. Below are a few considerations to make when buying your diamond earrings.

The metal – Of course the diamonds will be mounted on a metal. White and yellow gold are the most commonly used metals for diamond earrings. However, you can still find platinum on high end earrings and sterling silver for lower cost options. The metal that you settle for should be sturdy and high quality. Earrings that have screw-on backs offer extra security so consider that feature when choosing.

Diamond shape – Round remains to be a very popular shape not just for diamond engagement rings but also for the studs. Princess shape is also very appealing, but you can go ahead and choose other shapes you find appealing such as emerald, heart and oval or even marquise. The shape of the diamond on the earrings is usually a matter of preference, but you can use your face shape to guide you so you can choose a shape that is most flattering for your facial features.

Prong arrangement – Six or four prong settings are most preferred for diamond earring styles. This is because they showcase included diamonds in the best light. You, however still have the options of 3 prong settings, illusion and bezel. Again, this is a factor you would have to consider depending on your personal preferences.

The 4Cs – When it comes to diamond, color, carat weight, cut and clarity are used as the guides to the best quality. You can use this to select your diamond earrings. When it comes to carat weight, the larger the stone the more outstanding and noticeable it gets. If you have long hair then larger stones can work best for you, consider small ones are likely to be covered by the hair. Go for brilliance and fire that you desire when looking at clarity and stick to H-J color on the grading scale if you want to stand out. For diamond earrings cuts, standards are not as strict because it is harder for this to be noticed when worn. Choose a good graded cut, but ensure you avoid shallow or deeply cut stones.

Whether you are buying diamond studs or diamond cluster earrings, you should make all important considerations to get the best set. You also should make your purchases from reliable dealers to get genuine diamonds.


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10 Tips for Buying a Men’s Stainless Steel Bracelet

Length: The first thing one should note before the purchase of a bracelet is the length. The average length which suits all types of men is 8 to 8.5 inches. That is too small and is uncomfortable to wear. Men who have smaller or larger than average wrists can adjust the size of the bracelet accordingly.

Width: The average width should be 9 or 10 millimeters. If you buy a bracelet with such a width and length, it becomes not only comfortable but also noticeable when worn. The width of equally important as the length.

Size: A bracelet should not be very large or minuscule. Before buying, it is important to measure the wrist size. If possible, the buyer should try on the bracelet before purchase. Some bracelets might have removable links or can be expanded or tightened if the need arises.

Quality: When shopping for a stainless steel bracelet, buyers need to do more than just choose a style that they find eye-catching. One should see the quality; a good bracelet is made up with a perfect finish. The metal should be polished pleasantly and a beautiful silver color making it be of high quality.

Weight: One should note the weight of the bracelet, for if you buy a heavy one it can make you feel very rigid. Buying a thin bracelet may not also be a good idea. A medium sized will do for all men because it is easily noticeable and very durable.

The way of clasping: There are two types of clasps which get used commonly; a small latch and a locking clasp. A small latch can get opened up and closed up by a simple mechanism. For a locking clasp, a small door locks the bracelet. A good type of lock is necessary for if it is not good you cannot use.

Metals used to make: The 316L form of metal gets commonly used. It is resistant to rust and corrosion, has an excellent tensile strength and also withstands all types of weather extremes and heat. Bracelets made from this form of metal are very durable.

Accents of the bracelet: Some bracelets feature small 18 karat yellow gold accents which get mixed with the stainless steel. The mixing adds style and makes it more appealing. Such types of bracelets are costly than others but very worthwhile.

The price: A buyer should take the time to compare the price of a bracelet to other similar made from other materials. By comparing the prices, one can determine the best to buy. Stainless steel bracelets are usually less expensive than other precious metals, thus affordable to many people.

The condition of the bracelet: Stainless steel can hold up well over time, so even with minimal care a bracelet can still look pleasant even if it was formerly used. Some buyers may opt for second-hand; they should be careful not to buy heavily used this with a dull appearance. The price of the bracelet should also take into consideration wear and tear.


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7 Types Of Gemstone Ring Setting Styles

downloadGemstone rings are elegant looking and make great wedding or engagement rings. They come in different setting styles; therefore, you have many options to choose from. The different setting styles of gemstone rings include:

Prong setting

It’s the most common and classic ring setting. A prong is simply a little metal claw that grips the gemstone tightly thus holding it in place. Prongs can be pointed, flat, V-shaped or rounded. Most of the rings with this setting feature four or six prongs. The cool thing with this setting is that there is little presence of the metal; therefore, plenty of gemstone is visible. This allows more light to pass through the gemstone thus making it more brilliant.

Three stone ring setting

The three stone ring setting is common with gemstone rings. The setting represents the couple’s past, present, and future. To make the setting interesting, in most of the cases, the two smaller stones are of a different gem while the larger center stone is that of your choice. If you don’t want to attract a lot of attention to your ring, use identical gems.

Bezel setting

The setting is very popular with people leading active lives. These include teachers, nurses and other professionals that use their hands most of the time. Instead of the prongs holding the gemstone, the setting encircles the gem thus protecting it from not only getting lost but also from damage. The setting can be partial or complete. A full bezel completely surrounds the gem while a partial bezel leaves the sides open.

Figural setting

This is a decorative setting that comes in different designs that involve different shapes including oval, pear, and marquise. From its name, this setting aims at creating different figures and objects such as flowers, leaves, and animals. When making the purchase, choose one that fits your personality.

Cluster setting style

From its name, this is a setting that “clusters” the gemstones tightly together in order to make them look like one large gemstone. The manufacturer can include one larger center stone or use many small stones of equal sizes.

Right-hand setting style

Contrary to popular believe, this setting isn’t the one that uses the right hand. The setting represents any creative ring design that makes use of geometric elements, filigree details, elaborate patterns and other beautifully done accents.

Flush setting

Also known as gypsy setting, this setting sets the gemstone in a drilled hole so that the ring sits “flush” with the band of the ring. The setting is ideal if you are looking for a man’s wedding ring as the stone sits securely in place thus it’s protected from damage and falling out.


These are some of the common setting styles. When making the purchase you should note that different styles have different characteristics thus ideal for different applications. In addition to considering the setting of the ring, also consider the cut, clarity, flaws, and color. Also, consider the jewelry store you are buying from. As rule of thumb ensure that you buy from a reputable store.


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How To Buy Pearl Tassel Necklaces

aWeddings are the most crucial event in any couple’s life. A wedding means a lot of planning and deciding so as to help everything proceed in an organized manner. A woman has to shop for a lot before her wedding. There is her dress, her makeup trials, her veils, her footwear and what not. One such very important thing in her to do list is jewellery shopping, and pearl tassel necklaces may be a good option.

A bride is always imagined decked up in the best of jewellery pieces. It is her special day. After all, she deserves to look the best. However, the budget for a wedding often surpasses the limit and it is, for this reason, most of the woman want to cut off some expenses on her jewellery. But shopping for cheap does not always mean you have to compromise on the quality if you know what to buy. Here are a few things that you can do to ensure that you get reasonably priced tassel necklaces.

Get it from a local jeweler

This is one of the best ways of getting your wedding jewellery for cheap. The bigger the store is and the more it will charge you on everything. Moreover, the making charge of the jewellery pieces is much more than they are in the local store. You will see a huge rebate on the pieces you are buying. Therefore, you should go to a local store to get the jewellery you had always wanted. So you save money and get the desired pieces for cheap.

Get it custom made

Another idea to get wedding necklace sets for cheap is to have it custom made. A lot of people have the misconception that when you are getting necklaces, custom made is bound to cost you a lot because of its uniqueness. But it is not the matter. The ones making the custom pieces are generally local artisans and hence they charge you lesser than any branded company would.

Other than that, you have much more say over the making of the jewellery than you can have in any branded stores. You can choose if you want a cubic zirconia instead of a diamond, which is bound to cost you more. You can also make the gold and silver as light as you want hence saving a lot of money.

Keep an eye out for the discounts

If you still want to get your wedding earrings drop from a branded store, then the best way out would be to keep an eye out for the discounts. Most of the big stores give discounts on a biannual basis. When you see the offer going on, grab the necklaces you want. This will help you to get the preferred jewellery at the lowest of prices. You can choose the lightest and the most subtle of jewellery pieces as they cost much lesser than the heavier pieces out there. In this way, you can divert the money saved for some other purpose.

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Luxury Pens For a Perfect Gift

Luxury pens have their own place in the world of business. When it comes to promoting your company by means of such a proven and highly effective instrument as a pen, different options are possible. Options for any budget, any purpose and any target group.

When your goal is to distribute your branded pens to as many recipients as possible and to spread the awareness about your organization, it is wise to go for a cheaper variants, like simple plastic pens. Of course, they still should be high quality pens, and with the number of competing manufacturers is it quite possible to get nice quality at low cost. Sometimes it is great to choose novelty pens for your branding purposes, especially before Christmas and other holidays, when unusual gift will definitely uplift the mood of your recipients.

And in some cases it is highly recommended to order luxury pens, if you want to make a valuable gift for an important client, hardworking employee or loyal partner. Yes, if you decided to select such a high profile corporate gift, the principle of its work differs from cheap mass-produced promotional items: you should consider who you are going to give it to.

Definitely, you will not give it to a random visitor. It is a gift for a person you really want to express your appreciation, gratitude or recognition to. With an expensive designer pen, in silver or golden finishes, placed in an elegant box or pen-holder, you can reward a leader of your team. With luxury pens you can express your gratitude for the bulk order of the most important client of yours. Or you can send an exquisite fountain pen of famous brand as a birthday gift to your partner.

Well, fountains are not widely used these days, especially in hectic routine of business atmosphere, where you can hardly afford to spend a minute for nice calligraphy. But a designer fountain pen holds something more then just a practical purpose within, it has that charm of the pens from previous generations which makes a writing experience so pleasant and enjoyable. Besides, a beautiful pen box of luxury pens, decorated with metal incrustation, is a valuable gift by itself, even without a pen. These pens are not only writing devices, they are souvenirs, show pieces and things to treasure and be proud of.

Besides designer pens there is another type of pens which will be highly appreciated by everybody you will give them to. It is handmade pens. An exquisite and unique pen, made professionally and with a touch of elegance and creativity, will be definitely noticed and remembered. And if you put your logo and contacts on such a pen, the effect of uniqueness will be spread to the image of your company as well.

Speaking of image, luxury pens have always been an accessory of a successful, determined and respectable businessman. That is why it is such a popular and precious gift even today, when a person might be tempted to give an iPod or mobile phone as a present instead of classy designer pen.